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Wine making and drinking has a long and past history. Experts agree that wine dates from 6000 BC. Wines were cultured in Egypt and in Mesopotamia. Greece, Spain, Mexico, Rome, and United States followed them. Spain played the important role in wine making process. Wine making and grape cultivation spread throughout the world. Wine became the valuable trade. The prosperous people enjoyed the wines and rulers tried to hide this treasure as a clandestine. As Christianity spread to the parts of the world, the monks developed the process by making good use of their time. Vineyard growth became the keystone because of the climate and soil in the recognized regions. The world's recognized wines were developed by France and it became the leader.

Today a variety of vine is found growing all over the world due to the wide variety of climates. The vitis vinifera species is the primary species in making most of the wines. New routes have been established to the wine industry due to the varieties and vintages that come from all over the world. Due to the captivating history of the wine and profound interest in their wine France novices and connoisseurs like in searching the perfect taste of the wine. Certainly a wine is available for everyone in the world.